Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hockey Fall

If you haven't done so already, check out the video on Bryn's May 26 post. We both were watching Sunday's Memorial Cup final on TV when the unfortunate accident occurred and, after about 15 seconds of complete shock, we found it exceedingly amusing. Monday evening after work, I turned on CBC to watch the start of the Stanley Cup final around a minute before the scene in the following video took place. This time there was no shock, only utter glee! See for yourself.

Julie Days

After coming home from college, I had three days between trips to relax in Kelowna. I spent a good part of those three days with one of my bestest friends, Julie. On Tuesday we hung out and talked, a lot. Wednesday afternoon we biked 9 km's on the Mission Park Greenway from my house to the lake. It was downhill on the way there, which meant it was uphill coming back. After biking 18 km's total that day, I'm still recovering!

On the Manteo Resort dock before starting the uphill journey back

On Thursday, my mum took Bryn, Julie and me out to Milestone's for lunch where I spent a good portion of the meal trying to watch the Canada/Norway World Championship hockey game on a TV much too far away from our table. Then we drove downtown to the Sails and Kerry Park where my mum held a mini-photoshoot of the three of us.

Other activities included having an English-author movie night and playing mini-golf at Scandia. Friday morning our family drove to Lacombe, AB for a weekend family reunion and Sunday morning, before we had even started driving home, Julie flew back to Andrews for PT summer school. Hopefully August comes quickly so that I can hang out with Julie again when she comes home to do her clinicals!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Driving Home

Finally, close to four weeks after leaving Collegedale, I've decided to post some pictures from our trip back to BC. Had we traveled nonstop, we could have made the 4,318 km (2,683 miles) trip home in less than two days (or sooner if we'd taken the quickest, but much uglier route). But alas, we had three cars and only four drivers, so we got home in four days instead. Check out our trip map for the route home.

Stopping in at Union College to visit friends & a cousin

Parking at the Yellowstone N.P. geysers

Cutest little bison in the park

Catching a ride across the boardwalks

Celebrating my 3-year-old memory of this spot

Watching Old Faithful