My Travels

Traveling is a passion of mine, and I want to explore all over the globe!

LONG-TERM TRAVELS Guatemala City, Guatemala
In the middle of my university years, I took a semester off and went to Guatemala for three and a half months. I had grown up hearing stories of my mum's own three-and-a-half-month stint working at an orphanage in Honduras, and had always longed to do orphanage work, too, someday. From mid-February to the end of May 2006 I worked at an International Children's Care orphanage in Guatemala City, helping to care for 35-40 children, from newborn to 7 years old.

Usa River, Tanzania
After graduating from university, I still had the travel-bug. I decided to spend eight months volunteering for an NGO near Arusha Town in northern Tanzania. From September 2010 to April 2011 I did public relations for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Tanzania. I also spent most of my evenings playing with the babies at the Cradle of Love Baby Home on the same campus. During my time in Tanzania I was able to travel to Pemba Island and into three other regions of Tanzania. Over the Christmas holidays I was overjoyed to be able to fly up to Cairo, Egypt to visit my sister who was the director of an English preschool there. I also took a weekend trip to Nairobi, Kenya with a fellow volunteer.

Cheonan/Seoul, South Korea
A few months after our wedding, my husband and I moved to South Korea to work at the SDA Language Institute for eight months. He taught English and religion classes while I worked on ESL textbook development from November 2011 to June 2012. During our time in Korea we did a lot of traveling within the country, and at the end of our time overseas we took a trip to Vietnam for two weeks before heading home.

Since returning from South Korea, my husband and I are living in Maine while he completes a graduate degree in computer engineering at the University of Maine. Somehow, living on the opposite end of North America from my closest family members and friends seems almost even harder than living overseas. It's closer, but sometimes seems farther. I am glad to have my younger brother living nearby since he started his own graduate degree at UMaine this past fall. And I am especially thankful for my wonderful husband who loves showing me the hidden treasures of New England!

Although we're not living overseas anymore, we still record our travels on the blog that we used while living in South Korea, so if you're interested in any of the travels we've done, or the places we recommend, please visit our travel blog,

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