Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hockey Fall

If you haven't done so already, check out the video on Bryn's May 26 post. We both were watching Sunday's Memorial Cup final on TV when the unfortunate accident occurred and, after about 15 seconds of complete shock, we found it exceedingly amusing. Monday evening after work, I turned on CBC to watch the start of the Stanley Cup final around a minute before the scene in the following video took place. This time there was no shock, only utter glee! See for yourself.


  1. Yes this is funny...but Ithink you might laugh a little harder at my new post! Check it out! it is a video too.

  2. heehee He fell over! haha I'm always afraid I'm going to do that when I'm ice skating.
    So, in response to your comment, I have been to Canada and gone to that place you were talking about...Tim Horton's. It was good, but all I remember about it is that my two youngest siblings really needed to pee, my sister ran in first and saw the sign for "washrooms" and ran back out crying saying "they don't even have bathrooms in Canada, only these stupid washroom things!!! Which sent the youngest brother into hysterics. It was very amusing to see.

  3. He still skates junkloads better than me, but poor guy!

  4. hehehe what a little nerd he is