Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trevor Linden Night

If only I was done my finals right now. I could be boarding a plane this very minute, bound for home. Canada, the true north, cold and free! I can't wait to go home and experience some really cold weather. The West is in the middle of a ferocious cold spell at the moment and I hope that it waits around until I get home. But, snow and cold aside, the real reason that I wish I was flying home tonight, is because Trevor Linden's No. 16 is going to be retired at the Vancouver Canucks home arena, GM Place, tomorrow night. I would give almost anything to be at that game, but, even if I were back in BC by the 7 p.m. start time, I know I would never be able to see the game live. Tickets to Canucks games are in such high demand that the whole season sells out within 10 minutes of going on sale in September. And I know that tickets for Dec. 17 were the first to go. The next best option would be to curl up in our comfy, pink rocking chair and turn on the game to watch the pre-game show and see Linden's number retire. The last time the Canucks retired a jersey was Nov. 3, 1991, more than 18 years ago, when former Canucks captain, Stan Smyl's No. 12 was raised to the roof! Tomorrow marks the end of the 16 Days of Linden and another former captain, one of Vancouver's best loved players, will get his time to shine. I just can't believe that I'll miss it.

Linden's tribute video from the number retirement ceremony


  1. i dont understand why you almost died laughing dan...
    anyways, sorry you couldn't be at the game al, or even see it live on tv. it woulda been so cool to see!! i love the video though...and i LOVE how they used brian melo's single for it! linden's awesome...too bad he's retired now, but at least his # is retired too!