Monday, June 08, 2009

Espresso Book Machine

When I was a little kid, I dreamed of owning a machine that could provide me with any book I wanted to read. Today, as I browsed through, I read a feature article and discovered that my childhood fantasy has actually been invented! (Note: The article is actually about a million times more interesting than the video clip, but I figured I needed some type of visual in this post.)

The next time I find myself in one of the few public or university libraries that house one of these amazing machines, I'm going to try and print out an on-demand book for myself. For more details see OnDemandBooks.


  1. Wow that is really cool. I bet it's expensive though.

  2. $95,000 US...I don't think I'll be getting one of those installed in my bedroom any time soon.

  3. WOW. I like how she tries to grab it at the end, and the robot at the final station doesn't quite let go at first.