Sunday, October 21, 2012

Married life

While I was going through my teens and early twenties, my mother often commented that she was so glad to be happily married and forever finished with dating. I never really understood her. I liked the place in my life I was in. I liked getting to know other people, being friends, thinking about more. Although I never dated many guys, I did enjoy being in the dating part of my life. Then I started seriously dating Jonathan, got engaged, and got married. Almost immediately I realized what my mum had meant. Now I'm absolutely thrilled to be finished with dating and on to married life. And I'm sure my kids will never understand me when I tell them that. At least until they're married...

Happy dating anniversary, Jonathan! The three years since we lay side-by-side (but oh so careful not to touch) on that large chilly rock at Southern's Goliath Wall watching the Orionid meteor shower in the early morning dark have been the best of my life. And the nearly fifteen months since our wedding have been the best of all! I can't wait for as many more years together as God sees fit to give us! I love you more than all the meteors that fall during our meteor shower.

Us then - at the SAU Fall Fest a week or two after we started dating
Us now - on our Mexican-themed anniversary picnic

*I wrote this post way back in June when it came to my mind one evening. I carefully saved it away as a draft in my not-often-used blog, intending to post it on our first wedding anniversary. But then Jonathan posted his own blog on August 1st, and I completely forgot about my own until I happened across it when I started using this blog again a couple months ago. Not wanting to wait another year to post it, I decided that our dating anniversary was the next best idea and slightly changed the message to fit the event. Sorry you didn't get to read this on August 1, Jonathan, but I'm happy you can read it before our second anniversary.


  1. i see you are ok with holding hands now. :)
    sweet story.

  2. Oh yeah, we've finally managed to get past the holding hands barrier. ;)
    Love this post, Ali! and I'm so glad I finally asked you to date me! :)
    Love you!