Sunday, March 03, 2013

Final stages of the green card process

The day Jonathan and I have been waiting for since our papers got submitted in October 2011 has almost arrived. Tomorrow we'll be driving up to Montreal. On Tuesday I get my immigration medical exam done. Friday I can go pick up the results. And Monday, March 11 (the day after my sister's birthday - happy almost birthday, Bryn), I have my U.S. immigration interview.

Last Friday our lawyer called to go over last minute things and remind me to make sure to have all the papers I needed printed out or photocopied. She also gave me a mock interview and asked me about 30 or 40 possible questions. I found out that the real interview will probably last less than five minutes, I will only be asked 3-5 questions, and it will take place in a bank line-like setting (lots of people standing in line, waiting for the next available teller to be free). Wow, very different than what I was envisioning. I'm also very relived to know that I won't be in a room by myself with a scary immigration officer shouting all kinds of obscure questions at me (not like, say, the ending of The Proposal).

So with that knowledge, and the fact that I knew all the questions the lawyer asked me, I think I'll manage to get through the actual event. After the interview, all that will be left is to head home to BC for a couple weeks until my passport arrives by courier with the visa stamped in it. Then I'll fly back to the east, be reunited with Jonathan again (yay!), AND be able to move in my things that have been in storage at my mother's cousin's house since last August. Another few weeks or so after I re-enter the States and I should have my green card. Phew, I'll just be so glad when all of this is over!

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