Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I know my recent blog posts have been focusing on my grandmother, but she was a special person and I am inspired to write when I think of her. There might be a few more posts about her in the next little while.

I found these pictures while I was looking for the perfect photos to include in my 10 Things I Love About Grandma post. They didn't quite fit any certain category, but were still beautiful photos I wanted to use in some way. I love how these pictures focus on just one small part of the body, but convey so much.

Bryn and Gram walking together

Care shown through touch

Support and love

Thank you so much, Mum, for taking these pictures over the past few years. They are truly wonderful portraits of exceptional love.


  1. I love all the hands and all the people who have these hands.
    Thanks for the post, Ali.

  2. Beautiful Ali! Thanks for sharing, and thanks Glenda for taking them.