Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Slurpee Day & 10-digit dialing

If you haven't found out about this yet, today is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven. Apparently today is 7-Eleven's anniversary (July 11 - 07/11) and every year to celebrate, each 7-Eleven store gives out 1000 free Slurpees. Bryn, Ty and I are planning to pick up our free Slurpees on the way home from work this afternoon. Go and get one too if you're near a 7-Eleven store!
On our front step with free 7-Eleven Slurpees

In other news, 10-digit local dialing has already started to become a nusiance to British Columbians and Albertans. Since June ended, every time a normal 7-digit number is dialed in this area of the world, the lovely automated operator's voice can be heard telling the caller that they need to dial 10-digits. Of course, she kindly puts the call through, THIS time. When a caller does dial a local call with the area code included, the voice informs the caller that the area code is not needed, YET. I am thoroughly annoyed with the crazy idea that once September rolls around, all local calls in BC and Alberta (and possibly Ontario and Quebec too, although I really don't know much of what they do over there) will require 10-digit dialing. The idea is pretty much ludicrous as well as exasperating and time-wasting! I do understand that new area codes are needed in the western provinces, but my brain has already thought up a much better solution; divide BC and Alberta into north and south, keep the normal area code for the southern areas of the provinces and activate the new area codes in the north. That way we can all keep calling locally with only our normal 7-digits. Now wouldn't that make much more sense?!?


  1. man, I drove right past 7-11 today... and stupid phone numbers.

  2. i LOVE free slurpee day...yayyyy for nathan letting us know about it! as for the 10 digits its just dumb...and annoying