Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dids and Didn'ts

When I come home for a break, either Christmas or summer, I always make a mental list of the things I want to do while I'm at home. Here's what I managed to do this break, and also what I didn't quite accomplish.

I did...
-watch as much hockey as possible (Canucks & World Juniors)
-read ten books
-go skiing
-go sledding
-play a bunch of card games with my friends & family
-get a real Christmas tree in the mountains
-spend time at Chapters & Mosaic bookstores
-play with my dog, Pepper, in the snow
-go out to eat with my family
-make a snow angel (or two or three)
-sit in front of a real fireplace with a fire in it
-special music at my church two weeks in a row
-help make Christmas dinner
-a photoshoot
-go grocery shopping at Safeway
-have a dentist appointment

I didn't...
-go to a Kelowna Rockets game
-play Crokinole
-go snow quadding or snowmobiling
-go in our sauna
-eat at Tim Horton's
-do a photoshoot with Bryn or my friend, Julie
-go ice skating
-get my glasses lens fixed
-convince my dad to go winter boating
-help my parents reorganized certain unorganized areas of our house

I also did some things that I hadn't planned to do: I...
-spent half a night sleeping in the ticketing level of SEA-TAC airport
-drove over the Coquihalla & Connector highways in a snow storm
-experienced -28 C weather again
-accidentally gave myself three bruises (left leg, right leg & lip)
-went for a late, late Friday night walk in the snow
-helped my mum do a photoshoot of a 2-month-old baby
-ate sushi (vegetarian of course)
-sang German songs to my great-aunt at her nursing home
-ate soap candy (aka Floral Gums)
-visited my Grandma in the hospital
-inhaled 11 minutes worth of cigarette smoke while waiting for a shuttle to our hotel at SEA-TAC


  1. what's colder, -28 degrees C or -28 degrees Fahrenheit? What did it feel like?