Friday, April 24, 2009

What's really inside a VCR?

Today I went to my last class of the 2008-2009 school year, Foundations of Broadcasting. I should have taken it last winter with Ty because he said that his class had a riot. My class was not quite so exciting, but I did learn a bunch of stuff. Mostly, I perfected my multi-tasking skills by listening to the lectures/watching the video clips while doing the daily word find and sudoku in the Chatt. Times Life section. But I also learned a lot about important current events in the media and telecommunications world. Here are two of my favourite video clips from BRDC-201.

The future of the media?

And for fun... Today Mr. Ruf started class with the following informational video.
Feel free to try this at home. Just make SURE to have marshmallows on hand.


  1. I can't believe more people have not commented on this stellar blog. THE VCR VIDEO IS AMAZING!!

  2. You would have enjoyed Foundations of Broadcasting. Too bad you didn't take it this semester...I would have had someone to giggle with.