Monday, August 31, 2009

Southern Accent

Today I had my first unofficial Southern Accent staff member orientation. If this afternoon is any indication, the next 8 months should be hectic, crazy and possibly a little stressful. But within a few weeks everything should start to calm down and maybe I'll be able to settle into a routine. I really hope this year is an educational, growing and exciting experience.

For more info on the Southern Accent, watch Viviene Martinelli's promotional video made for a digital video class last semester.

For still more information, check out the Southern Accent's Web site or Facebook page.


  1. i like the promotional video! good luck this year working for the accent:)

  2. i liked that. it is nice to see the news paper office too.
    have fun this year!

  3. OH MY GOSH. this has to be the funniest thing ever. I didn't realize a newspaper had different sections before... .... ... and hte humor section was hit or miss. hahahahahahahahhaha AHHHHHHHHHHHHH