Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I feel awful. I've been neglecting this blog. But not intentionally. You see, the first class period of Creative Writing, I was given a semester-long assignment; start a new blog and use it as an e-journal for the class. Each Creative Writing student must write a blog post every single day. Although this might seem an impossible task (at first I was very skeptical about the likelihood of completing the assignment as expected), I'm actually having a great time chronicling my daily activities in my new blog. What makes it a lot easier is that, while we have to post something every day, the post only has to be three sentences long. That is definitely not a problem for me. I think e-journaling is a MUCH better idea than traditional journaling (despite my addiction to buying notebooks). I've found it's a great place to jot down ideas for upcoming writing assignments, expound on things I've learned in various classes or try out new writing styles. I do feel bad for neglecting this blog though so I'm going to try to do better at posting something here every once in awhile.

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