Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Historic lighthouses

Have you ever wanted to live in a lighthouse? Well, yesterday almost 1,000 Canadian lighthouse were declared surplus and now risk being shut down unless locals take them over. According to a Globe and Mail article, "Under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act, which came into force May 29, individuals and communities can apply to take over surplus lighthouses for tourism or other uses."

Too bad I'm going overseas soon or I might consider it.  Many of these lighthouses, like the Peggy's Point lighthouse in Peggy's Cove, NS, are Canadian icons and historic sites.  As the plan stands currently, these tourist destinations could be replaced with new, automated metal lighthouses.  And who wants that??  Certainly not me, and I'm not alone.  So, if you're Canadian and feel inclined to keep up a lighthouse, here's more information.

At Peggy's Cove Lighthouse


  1. i'm pretty sure it would be possible to automate them without tearing them down... that's ridiculous.

  2. I'll stand in front of the bulldozer