Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glimpses of my day

Well, Monday afternoon I didn't feel so great at work. My head felt congested (I told Jonathan when I got home that I felt perfectly fine below the ears) and I had a hard time paying attention to the Teacher's Guide I was editing. That evening I curled up in bed while Jonathan was teaching his last two classes of the day and tried to feel get well. Lying down was definitely better than sitting up. By Tuesday the head congestion was gone and in its place was a lovely runny nose. I'm pretty sure I disrupted the entire office all day with my nose-blowing. I'm not even sure if that's OK to do in public here (I know it's a definite no-no during meals), but if I had had to go into the washroom every time I had to blow my nose, I might as well have just stayed in there. Anyway, I hope I didn't gross out too many people. Today was better for sure, but since I have to bend over my desk to edit the pages, gravity again hampered the nose-clearing-up process. Both yesterday and today I noticed that whenever I was sitting up and looking at the computer screen, my nose behaved. But the minute I'd looked down at my desk, the waterworks started up again. I really hope that by tomorrow it will all be over, because I'd hate to make my coworkers endure a third day of the nose-blowing soundtrack...

Anyway, here are a couple pictures from my day for you to enjoy.

1. Yes, I'm a use-everything-until-it's-really-and-truly-finished type of girl. One man I worked with in my dad's cabinet shop years ago told me I must come from a German Mennonite background because I scrimped and saved every little piece of edgetape to use when we had to tape small pieces. He guessed exactly right. My ancestors were in fact frugal and thrifty German Mennonites.
The toothpaste was thrown out after this picture was taken. I had to get Jonathan to help me squeeze out the last drops of toothpaste. He told me I could cut it open to get more if I really wanted, but I decided it was about time to start a new tube. That soap piece, though, still has a lot of washing left in it!
2. Came across this picture while I was editing the WiseMaster Junior 9 textbook and Teacher's Guide this morning. So try to find the person I most identified with yesterday and today.
Yep, that's right, the one down at the bottom center. Minus the stuff coming out of her mouth (what is that?!)
and the sleeping, that was totally me for the past two days at the office.
Bonus: From yesterday, but just so cute I couldn't pass it up! (Not sure why it focused on the right side instead of the center...)
Who can spot the Korean snowman?!


  1. Hehe. So what does the Korean snowman translate to?

    1. The top circle with the hat on it is 'h', the arms and torso is 'oo', and the bottom circle is 'ng', so the whole syllable is 'hung.'

  2. hope your nose is behaving now.
    do you need me to mail you toothpaste and soap?
    i enjoyed the pictures.
    and the snowman.

    1. Yep, the nose started behaving the next day. It was so nice to have a non-runny nose again! Nope, we don't need any toothpaste. I just started using the half-finished stuff that was left here when we moved in. And when we're done with that we have a whole new tube of toothpaste that we brought. I think we'll be set until we come back. Plus, there is toothpaste in every grocery store around.