Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Story of Stuff

Jonathan and I have been reading a blog called Mr. Money Mustache and learning so much interesting stuff as we go through the posts! I'm only about ten posts from being all caught up and last night I was reading the comments to one post called Why I am SO Not Buying the iPad 3. I enjoyed the read because I myself find no reason to own an iPad of any generation at this point in my life. (Actually I was almost convinced to get rid of my laptop and just use a Raspberry Pi for my computer needs after reading one comment, until Jonathan told me that it probably wouldn't be powerful enough to run Ubuntu, the version of Linux I use, or any other reasonably user-friendly version of Linux at this point. I'm sad about it, though, because it looked like a great alternative. I only ever use OpenOffice - for word processing and spreadsheets - and the Internet on my computer anyway, since my Adobe CS3 doesn't work on Linux. If I need to use InDesign or Photoshop, I use it on Jonathan's computer.) So in the comments of that iPad 3 article I found the following video. Jonathan and I watched it this morning, along with four others (the stories of water bottles, electronics, cosmetics, and broke) by the creator Annie Leonard. It made me mad. And sad. But mostly mad. So I thought I would share it on my blog and see what others think of it.

If it made you mad or sad, too, let me know in the comments. I don't know what we each individually can do about it all, but I personally plan to buy less stuff in the future, make sure what I buy is good quality and will last me for a LONG time, and find lots of ways to boost my happiness that don't center around buying stuff.


  1. Mad and sad and frustrated with the general population. I totally agree with you -- buying less stuff, better quality stuff and not buying to gain happiness. There's so much more to life than just stuff!! But the more stuff we get, the less we see the REAL LIFE.

  2. oh, i agree so heartily with the fashion idea. i think that when people laugh at old style clothing and say how could i have worn that? -- well it was perfectly in style when you wore it and it will be the same with what you are wearing right now.
    this was so well explained and easy to follow and listen too.
    sounds like the Bible and EG White have a lot of truth in their words.