Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Things I Love About... Mum!

May is Family Month here in South Korea. Saturday, May 5th, was Children's Day. Last Monday, May 8th, was Parent's Day. And in North America, today is Mother's Day. So I figured this is a good month to resume my fun TTILAY posts. Here's the third edition!

10 things I love about my mum are...

1. She loves traditions.
We have a yearly family tradition of getting PJs for Christmas Eve - this must have been Christmas 1992 or 1993
2. She always finds the most fun toys.
My cool Fisher Price camera - a toy that delighted me for many years
Our Fisher Price airplane that took us on so many amazing trips :)
3. She's full of interesting and creative ideas.
She always comes up with such fun and creative ideas for our Christmas cards and pictures - in front of Dad's shop in 2005
4. She loves her parents (and the rest of her family) and does many things with and for them.
Gramps and Gram W. at their house after Grandpa's birthday party ~ Oct. 3, 2011
A trip to Art Knapps with her parents for some spring flowers for their yard ~ April 2012
A recent visit with her aunt at the nursing home
5. She loves taking pictures: of people, animals, flowers, scenery, well pretty much everything!
Self-portrait in 2011
Just one of the awesome pictures she has taken (to see TONS more, check out her blog)
6. She knows how to be goofy.
For her December photo challenge
5-years-old Glenda - She wasn't really trying to be goofy here, but was actually
trying really hard to smile. Hehe, I think it's so cute I just had to add it.
7. She's good at the element of surprise.
During Christmas-tree hunting 2003
8. She loves to read and has instilled that love in all her kids.
Her newest favourite book
9. She loves flowers.
Showcasing her Valentine's Day flowers ~ Feb. 14, 2012
Iris's (I think?) starting to bloom
Finding a way to make even a drooping tulip look beautiful
10. She loves my dad.
During Christmas-tree hunting 2005
11. She's always there for me! (Just couldn't stop at only 10.)
Sitting right up front and center at my wedding ~ August 1, 2011 (Photo by Glen Durrell)
Special hugs after the ceremony (Photo by Glen Durrell)

Mum, for all these reasons and so many more, I love you! I really wish I could be home to give you a hug and a kiss this year, but this post will have to be an e-hug-and-kiss from me. Happiest of Mother's Days from Seoul!!


  1. You make me cry. All the good times of the past. And they still keep coming. Thank you , Ali , for being you. Couldn't live without you.

    1. more tears from me.
      a lovely mum and a wonderful daughter.... and more.