Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Things I Love About... Kezia!

Well, it seems my last 10 Things I Love About You post was a hit, so I've decided to continue the tradition whenever another person I love pops into my head.

And since today is my dear Danish friend Kezia's birthday, she's been on my mind and in my heart. I met Kezia last year during my first month in Tanzania. I worked for ADRA Tanzania for 8 months in 2010 and 2011. Kezia came to live on our campus and work at the on-site orphanage, Cradle of Love Baby Home, near the end of September and her being there was a huge blessing to my life during the next 7 months. Kezia, you are a wonderful friend and I treasure all our fun times together last year!

 So here it goes, the second edition of TTILAY.

1. Her amazing flexibility.
My friends, Anika, Kezia and Danielle, at the start of our October 2010 African safari.
2. Her love of Danish black licorice.
Not sure why the brand is called Blue Jeans...
3. Her incredible zest for life.
Kezia, Anika, me and Danielle in Ngorongoro Crater on our safari.
4. Her willingness and happiness to get right down to the kids'/babies' level to play with them.

5. Her absolute love for this little triplet (sister to my own Nina-girl)...
Explanation: Tessa didn't want to go to bed so Kezia told her she was going to sleep in her crib instead. Giggles all around!
...and this handsome little boy, Jackson, as well as a host of other special kids.
6. Her bargaining skills.
When she says "no," she means "no." Although her "no" was always accompanied with a smile. Taken at the Maasai market in Arusha.
7. Her intricately thinking, analytical, scientific/math-oriented brain. (I'm in awe of it.)
Yes, she did that whole maze using circles instead of just drawing a line from start to finish during our weekend trip to Babati.
8. Her faces. (She did her best to teach me crazy-faces during my time in TZ, but I fear I didn't catch on too well.)
Kezia and Danielle showcasing this formidable beast. I thought I'd get through 8 months in Tanzania without seeing a snake. Well, I was wrong. A friend brought one over a few days before I left. There's a long (and quite mean) story about how I "happened upon" the little critter (short version: it was lying in the microwave when I went to use it...), but suffice it to say that for the rest of the evening I sat on the other side of the living room from whoever was currently holding the creature.
9. Her wonderful capturing of life as it's lived.
Our group hiking to a dam for my last-day-in-Tanzania picnic.
10. Her tendency for grabbing the knees/legs of those nearest her, especially when startled.
Our last picture as a trio on the way to the airport for my flight back to North America.
Bonus. Her love of banana-bread dough with chocolate chips for dessert, breakfast, supper, special occasions... Really, for Kez any time is a good time for banana-bread dough. :)

Happy birthday, Kez! I miss you every day.


  1. I love this post.
    Lets me get to know your good friend.
    The videos are sure great.
    Thanks for the post and Happy Birthday to Kezia!

  2. can't believe you blogged about me, you're the sweetest ali. nakupenda sana. /kez