Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Things I Love About You

In the spirit of the very recently passed Valentine's Day, here are 10 things I love about my husband, Jonathan.

1. He thinks about what makes me happy.
During the time I was in Tanzania last year he sent me a picture of himself at least every other day. (I was supposed to do the same, but failed miserably.)
This picture, sent to me on Oct. 14, 2010, is from a costume party with friends. Yes, he's dressed as a pirate; no, the earring isn't real...
2. He takes time out of his life for me.
Last January he flew to Tanzania and surprised me in my office one afternoon. Then he whisked me away for a prearranged two-week vacation.
And on top of all that wonderfulness, he asked me to marry him on a beautiful tropical beach at sunset.
I almost didn't want to go back to work for the last several months of my mission term...
3. He thinks my siblings are cool.
Is there anything sweeter to a sister's ears than the man she loves appreciating her brothers and sisters? He even traveled down to TN with me for my brother's university grad in April to help us all celebrate. (Note: Two sisters missing from this picture and three significant others added.)
4. He encourages me to work for things.
When my crafty sister and friend planned games for my bridal shower and called him up, he gave some sneaky answers about himself.
For every question I answered wrong I had to add another piece of gum. Apparently it was quite a few...look at that giant lump in my cheek!
5. He's tall and strong.
6. He's a good sport.
He's not opposed to impromptu picnic-celebrations... (Don't worry folks, they're just baby Martinelli's. Aren't they adorable!?!)
...or photoshoots...
...or most of the other random ideas I come up with.
7. He has a hidden art talent.
Yep, he drew all that! I helped colour once the lines were there, but the artwork is all his own.
8. He takes beautiful pictures...
...and he lets me use his camera.
9. He knows how to have fun.

10. He loves holding my hand.

And the best part of this whole post is, all these pictures were taken before we were married! If you think we look happy then, you should see us now! :) Maybe a related post upcoming?

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  1. I just love, love, love this post! Keep them coming!

  2. i have to agree... awwwwwwwwwww.
    i am ready for the next post.
    love seeing the pictures.
    i am so happy you are so happy.

  3. SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! [both of you] love you both bunches!

  4. Ali what a fabulous post! So creative and cute!

  5. That is awesome!!! :D I especially like his chalk artwork. The luggage added to the shot was a great idea. Super cool! Congratulations on having such a wonderful husband. :)

  6. This makes me happy :) So happy for both of you! Love the pictures :)

  7. THIS IS THE CUTEST THING!! It makes me happy :) All these pictures are so great, I love each one. I will gladly subscribe to another darling post like this.

  8. xxxxx♥♥♥♥xxxxx♥♥♥♥xxxxx

    ...grr @ Blogger for not using fixed-width font in comments... :P

    1. looks like a pretty flag waving a bit.
      that is very cool.

  9. Ditto what everyone else said above...and AWWWWW!!! (*_*)