Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cookie making

So my mum makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies! Yeah, I know everyone thinks their mum makes the best cookies, but I'm not the only one who thinks my mum's cookies are amazing.* When my sister and I moved into an off-campus apartment our last year at Southern, we tried quite a few times to make these cookies, but something just never turned out right (we have decided to chalk it up to the elevation differences from BC to TN). The cookies usually turned out good enough to eat, but not really much better than that.

So last Sunday I was finally feeling settled enough to try out some baking. I had the ingredients for the cookies, and decided to try my hand at making them again to see if they'd turn out any better in Maine than they did in Tennessee. They did quite a bit better until the stage where you're supposed to make the dough into little balls and put them on the pan to bake. At that stage the dough was just so sticky that I asked Jonathan to pour some more flour into the bowl. After mixing that in with my hands, the dough seemed better, but it was still too sticky to form into balls. Jonathan suggested that we just pour all the batter into the pan, and after one more try with the flour, I finally agreed. So we made something closer to brownies than to cookies. They didn't look the same as my mum's cookies do, but they tasted great! All in all, I think it was much more successful than Bryn's and my attempts at Southern. I might even try it again sometime, but Mum, you'd better come visit and show me your secret!

Ingredients and dough
Ready for the oven
Time to eat!
All photos courtesy of Jonathan.

*My friend, Jodi, and I had a high-school-long arrangement with a classmate, Londell, in which we were supposed to go back and forth between baking my mum's cookies for each other any time either of us lost bets about grades, test scores, sports, or any number of other school-related things. Somehow it turned out that Jodi and I usually ended up making the cookies for Londell and never the other way around, until our graduation night where he produced two heaping platefuls of cookies and presented them to us to make up for all those other times throughout the years.

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  1. well, those do not quite look like my cookies but the cookie bars look great.
    i have no idea why they would be difficult at all to make.
    i would like to come out there and give it a try though.
    it would be fun--- if I could find someone to eat the cookies for me after making them.?!?!?