Friday, February 15, 2013

52 Lists

One of the blogs I read mentioned a challenge on this site to write 52 lists this year. Ummm, a challenge to write lists? Yes, please! I am a huge fan of lists and list-writing. Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do I just pick a topic and write a whole list about it (I have one going on right now to list all the churches I've been to...I already have more than 50 churches listed, and that's just SDA churches... Yes, I am that nerdy.) So for this challenge, Moorea Seal, the blog writer, posts a topic each Tuesday and for a week you make up a list on that topic. Sounds like fun to me! I'm going to do the challenge. If you are a list-writer, too, take a look at the site and join in!

52 Lists in 2013

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