Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowstorm of 2013

We survived the big, bad snowstorm of 2013! Up here in mid-Maine the snow started coming down on Friday night and didn't stop until sometime Saturday night. Church was cancelled for us on Saturday, but our collegiate Sabbath School class decided to have our lesson study via teleconference. I was scheduled to teach, and while teaching a lesson over a conference telephone call is not the easiest thing in the world, we made it through and I think all the main points got across. After we said goodbye to our class members, Jonathan and I read some in Patriarchs and Prophets and mostly just had a nice relaxing day watching the snow come down.
Snow drift against our door
Our snowy driveway and yard

In the afternoon we donned warm clothes and headed outside where I made a snow angel (that got ruined as soon as I tried to stand up) and we walked down our road and took a peek at the main road nearby. While the temperature wasn't all that chilly, there were large gusts of wind that made it seem a lot colder than the thermometer read. After our short little walk, I was quite cold, so when Jonathan said he wanted to drive his van around a little bit to make sure it was still running well, I happily hopped in after the bit of snow at the front was shoveled away. We had seen several other cars driving around already, so we knew that if we got into any big trouble, there'd be people around to help us. We had no problems, though, as the roads were all plowed and cleared off. We drove around and explored the nearby Indian Island, home of the Penobscot Nation of native Americans. It was interesting and I'd like to bike around the island sometime when there's less snow on the ground. Once back inside we warmed up with hot chocolate and spent a cozy evening in our snug little apartment.

On Sunday we again ventured outside, and this time we were greeted with dazzling sunshine and a crisp blue sky! Jonathan brought out our snowshoes, taught me how to put them on, and we were off into the drifts. I'd never snowshoed before, but I found very quickly that it's not a hard skill to learn. I had a lot of fun and it was great to finally adventure around the property behind our house.
Small and big in fresh new snow
Jonathan breaking the trail
Me realizing that breaking a trail is hard work...
"Lazy Ali will you get up, will you get up, will you get up..."

After blazing new trails and exploring the fields and woods behind our house, we went around to the front of the house and started a snow fort in the giant plowed-up pile of snow next to the driveway.
Digging out a cave
Not exactly the kind of look-out hole we had planned...
The real look-out hole
Scared Jonathan
Help me get out!
Safe again
Ta-da! Presenting our snow fort!
We live in the top floor (minus the top-front section) of this old farm house

We had a wonderful  snow-filled weekend and we can't wait for the next good snowfall to grace our area!

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  1. looks like a very wonderful Sabbath day.
    your house is pretty.