Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kupikia Tanzania cookbook

A few weeks before Christmas I saw a very interesting post on the Cradle of Love Baby Home Facebook page. Cradle of Love is the orphanage I volunteered at while I was working in Tanzania two years ago. Another former volunteer, Angela, decided to go back to Tanzania and work with Tanzanian ladies to learn traditional Tanzanian recipes. She then put all the recipes into a cookbook, which she is now selling, donating all the proceeds to three organizations in Tanzania that are special to her heart. Cradle of Love is one of the three organizations who benefits from the profits of this cookbook.

As soon as I heard about the "Kupikia Tanzania" cookbook, I immediately went to the Blurb page for the book (Blurb is the company Angela used to make the book) and added it to my Amazon wishlist. Then I went back to my normal life. What a surprise for me when, about a week after my birthday last month, I got a package and found this cookbook inside! My amazing sister, Bryna, had bought it for me! I browsed through the cookbook right away, noting that all of my favourite Tanzanian dishes were included. Mmmm, chapati, chipsi myai, and mandazi! I can't wait to try out the vegetarian recipes and bring a little bit of that beautiful East African country that I love so much into my kitchen!

Thank you so much, Bryn, for your wonderful birthday gift! Come visit me sometime and we can cook and eat some of the dishes together! :)

Thank you also, Angela, for taking the time and energy to learn the recipes and to create this beautiful cookbook! I know Cradle of Love is already benefiting from your generous work and I'm sure the other organizations are as well.

My new cookbook!
I love the Kiswahili tips page! I definitely need to brush up on it.

If you are interested in purchasing the "Kupikia Tanzania" cookbook and assisting three worthy organizations who are helping people in Tanzania, go to the Blurb page for the book: Kupikia Tanzania: An Exploration of Tanzanian Cuisine. You can either buy the PDF version, which will come to you instantly after your purchase, or the softcover book version. For more information about the cookbook and the organizations it's helping, go to the Kupikia Tanzania website.


  1. I'm so glad you got the cookbook finally! I hope it helps you learn how to cook amazing Tanzanian food!

  2. what a wonderful gift and the book looks so bright and interesting.
    i want to eat some of your makings.